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Artful vs Paint and Sip

Paint and Sip? More like Paint and Nap!

Let's be real, it's like the vanilla ice cream of art classes. If you want a truly electrifying experience, you've got to upgrade to the sip and sketch.

Not only do you get to channel your inner artist, but you also walk away with multiple drawings, not just one suspiciously identical-looking sunset scene.

No paint-by-numbers here, folks, just pure, unadulterated creativity. Plus, it's sexier! I mean, nothing screams sophistication like sketching gorgeous muses while sipping wine. And let's not forget the professional art instruction!

Cheers to creativity, laughs, and a touch of sexy sophistication!

The Artful Bachelorette promises you’ll learn a little and laugh a lot!

Perfect for celebrating a birthday, engagement, divorce or just a fun night with friends.

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