About us

The Artful Bachelorette was born in New York in 2012, and started hosting private two-hour events with “drinks, drawing and a very handsome male model.”  After all, for centuries male artists sketched and painted muses, taking inspiration from their beauty. Why shouldn’t women enjoy their bachelorette with a man in his birthday suit?

Along the way, we’ve met thousands of wonderful women and men who have invited Artful to bring to life all kind of celebrations - be it a birthday, a happy divorce, or a girls night out.

We draw inspiration from the people we host, and the moments we’re able to create for them.

The Artful Bachelorette is owned by Australian artist Fleur Childs. After moving to New York city in 2011, she was inspired to introduce the Australian concept to women in the US starved for a classy - but still cheeky - option. She now oversees a talented and creative team in over 14 cities.